The Truth About Education: Why the U.S. Is Losing the Battle for Students’ Lives

U.K. Education Secretary Justine Greening said Tuesday that her nation is losing the battle for students’ lives, but only when we forget about the history of race and slavery.

Speaking at a news conference on the first day of a new school year, Greening discussed the latest trends in education in the U, and said the U should be focusing on how it prepares its students.

Greening said the way the country is educating its children now is inextricably linked to slavery and discrimination in our country’s history, including in education.

“When we talk about how we educate our children, and the things that we do, and then talk about the ways that we’re changing the way that we look at race and racism in our nation and how we look to what’s going on in our world today, that’s really when we start to really begin to understand that the past, that the legacy of slavery, that racism is something that is not something that we should be ignoring,” Greening told reporters.

We can’t just be talking about our children and then not be taking the time to understand the past and the impact of those things that have been going on for a long time in our history, she said.

It’s not just about our kids, it’s about our families, she added.

There’s a real conversation happening in this country about the legacy that has been made by slavery and racism, and we can’t sit on the sidelines, Greeningsaid.

In her remarks, Greenback noted that the U of A is now one of the most diverse universities in the world, with students of diverse backgrounds, races, and nationalities.

Students and faculty are now required to be inclusive of every student, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, Greenindsaid.

She noted that in recent years, there has been a “significant increase in the number of people of color on the campus.”

The U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has also designated the U’s campus as one of “The World’s Largest Black Universities” because of its “great contribution to the world’s understanding of racial equality.”

It is not only the U that is taking steps to address racial inequality, Greenedaid.

We need to be doing more to tackle this issue, she told reporters after her news conference.

But what does that look like for the U?

She said that the students and faculty of the U have a great responsibility to challenge the ideas and practices of white supremacy.

“It is incumbent on us to confront these ideas, and these systems of thought, and those systems of thinking, and to challenge those systems so that we can bring about real change in how we approach race and inequality in this nation,” Greeningsay told reporters in an interview.

“It is imperative that we challenge the way in which the U is thinking about race and race in our society, and it is imperative to challenge white supremacy.”

Greening also noted that some schools are having trouble finding qualified teachers.

She said that for the last several years, “There has been an increasing need for a diversity of perspectives on campus.”

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