I recently attended a meeting on humane education and I was reminded that even as we’re discussing the best ways to promote a humane future, the best way to help educate students is by offering humane education.

We’ve all seen this movie before.

For years, we’ve heard that a student’s success or failure in school is directly correlated to the quality of the educational material and that students who have a higher grade point average and are taught by teachers who care and understand them the best are more likely to succeed in school.

There is even a book out that claims to be a great guide for students who want to improve their learning experience and who are looking for a new learning environment. 

This kind of thinking has been debunked many times.

The problem is that it’s all based on a faulty assumption about the nature of learning. 

Learning is not about getting something right.

Learning is not a process of getting what you want.

Learning and success are about doing things that you want to do. 

It’s about making sure you learn the right things and doing them right.

I believe that every human being can be trained to be an artist.

I also believe that there are great educators who can teach you the art of art and make you an artist in your own right.

But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

The issue with this sort of thinking is that, first, we need to be aware of the fact that students don’t always need to learn the same things.

For example, a student might want to learn how to write.

That student might also want to understand a particular form of music or literature.

In that situation, the student may not need to know everything about art, literature, or music. 

Secondly, when we talk about the arts, we don’t just mean learning to paint.

We also mean learning how to read, write, or do other kinds of creative activities. 

Finally, we also mean helping students understand the principles of how we all live. 

There is a reason that we call these subjects art.

They are art because they challenge us to think about how we live, how we treat others, and how we build our relationships with people around us. 

The art of learning is a critical element of a good educational experience, but we also need to teach people the art as well. 

To help students do that, I’ve put together a list of six lessons that you can learn in your learning, or how you can teach the art, to get a better understanding of how to do the things you want students to do, including art. 


Learn about the relationship between art and learning.

 If we want our students to learn well, they need to understand that art and teaching are connected.

When students learn about the art and the process of learning, they’re learning that art is a means to an end. 

As a student, you have to learn that the best education is a way of creating art, not teaching it.

This is the most important lesson.

It is how to teach the right way. 


Make it easy to do art.

 When you’re learning to do a particular skill, you should be able to do it easily and quickly, without a lot of fuss or fussing. 

Art is the art we create.

Learning how to learn is how we learn. 

You need to get the process down.

Learn how to draw a simple picture in a simple way.

Learn to do your own painting.

Learn the basics of how people and objects interact.

Learn a new word or two. 

When you learn how you learn, you need to create a new world for yourself. 


Teach the art to your students.

If you’re going to teach art to students, you want them to learn about it, too.

Teaching the art can be a learning experience, too, but it needs to be done in a way that feels comfortable and fun. 

What makes art interesting to you?

Do you enjoy it?

How do you think about it?

Is it something you enjoy?

Does it make you feel good?

Is there something you think you can do better? 

These are just a few of the questions that can be asked of students.

If you want your students to be able take on these kinds of questions in their learning, you’re probably doing a disservice to them. 


Have a positive conversation about the importance of art.

This one is important.

It should be your goal to have a positive discussion with students about the value of learning the art.

We’re talking not only about the things they can do, but the things that make them who they are. 

If we can learn the art so that we can live the way we want to live, we will have a better chance at being successful.

Learning the art helps us learn to think differently, to understand the world better, and to create for ourselves. 


Make the art part of the learning experience. I know

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