title The Humane Education Association: ‘I Want My Students to See It as a Tool to Learn About Animals and Animals Rights’ article MSNBC: A spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States has posted a new essay on her website, calling for students to learn about the history of animals and animals rights.

The article, titled “How to Make The Humane Education Connection in your Community,” was written by Rachel Kincaid, the president of the Humane Alliance, and offers tips for teaching children about the importance of animals.

“I have been an educator for many years, and I know that we are all in this together,” the article reads.

“It’s important that we learn about our history, our values, and the role of animals in our lives, so that we can live with and care for them in a way that makes them feel comfortable.”

The Humane Education Alliance (HESA), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping educate children about animal rights and the importance for them to care for and protect animals, has been criticized by animal advocates and other animal advocates for its position.

The group has been under fire for its positions on the subject of animal welfare, and recently announced that it will not be participating in the 2016 Farm Sanctuary Day, the annual celebration of animal sanctuaries.

The Humane Alliance’s stance on animal rights has also been criticized, with the organization’s website containing statements that are inconsistent with the Animal Welfare Act of 1975.

“We understand that our position is not shared by many people, but it is the position of the animal advocacy community,” Kincagaid wrote in a blog post about the essay.

“The fact that we have been able to articulate our position in a meaningful way shows that we’ve had a voice, and we believe in it.

We have been doing this for decades, and it is time for our movement to finally get its act together.”

Kincagadys stance on the issue of animal rights was criticized by many animal advocates who have written letters to HESA urging it to drop its position on the animal protection law.

“We don’t need a pro-animal-rights group to be involved in animal advocacy, but if we have to be, then we need to be the anti-animal rights group,” Rachel Kocic, the founder of the organization, wrote in the letter.

Kincahed said in an interview with CNNMoney that she had never thought about it in a negative way, and that she did not think it was a big deal.

“I think the message is clear,” Kocihed said.

“They’re not talking about us as an organization, but rather as an advocacy group that wants to help animals.”

“We’ve seen the world a lot of times over the last century,” she added.

“And what I would say is that we’re not in the middle of a great conflict between humans and animals.

We are in the same struggle.”

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