A series of animal rights and conservation organisations are backing calls for a moratorium on the culling of wild pigs and for the Irish Government to consider a ban on the importation of the wild pig in the wake of the cull.

The Irish Farmers Union (IFU) and the Animal Welfare and Welfare Society (AWWS) have called on the Government to reconsider its plan to cull pigs in a bid to protect wild pigs.

Mr Martin McGuinness has also raised concerns over the culls being “unnecessary”, as he has previously warned there is no evidence that pigs in the wild are causing any harm to humans.

The government says the cull will have no effect on wild pig numbers in the country and is only aimed at reducing the number of animals entering the country.

Mr McGuinness told the Irish Times last month that the cull could save millions of pigs in Ireland from being destroyed.

We need to save pigs’The IFS, AWWS and the Irish Farmers’ Union (IFAU) have all issued statements supporting a moratorium in recent months.””

The truth is there is a large number of wild pig populations that have been bred and maintained for over a hundred years, that have bred and raised for decades.”‘

We need to save pigs’The IFS, AWWS and the Irish Farmers’ Union (IFAU) have all issued statements supporting a moratorium in recent months.

“It’s not an option for us to go ahead with the cull at this time,” said a spokesman for Mr McGuinness in February.

“There is no research to support the argument that there are any benefits to culling.

He said the cull would not have any effect on the wild pigs population, as it would be “a one-off event”.”

If it was up to us, we’d just slaughter them and get rid of them.”

He said the cull would not have any effect on the wild pigs population, as it would be “a one-off event”.

Mr McGuintons stance is also backed by the Animal Rescue Group, which has called for a nationwide ban on wild pigs, saying the cull was a “monumental injustice”.

The organisation said it would seek legal action against the government if it went ahead with a cull.

A spokeswoman for the group said: ‘We will not hesitate to take legal action should there be a government that takes this step.’

She said it was not up to the Government and was working with animal rights organisations, including the Irish Feral Pig Alliance and the Society for the Protection of Wild Animals (SPAWA).

“If the Government takes the view that it is the best way to reduce the number and size of wild populations, then we will take legal measures to try and ensure that there is an end to this needless and destructive cull,” she said.

In response to a request for comment from the Irish Independent, a spokesman from the Department of Agriculture said the Government is working to find a way to cull wild pigs safely.

“We will continue to look for a solution that will minimise the potential damage to wild pig species and reduce the risk of a further increase in the number in the future,” he said.

Mr McLoughlin has previously said that culling wild pigs was a bad idea.

He has previously spoken of his disappointment with the Government over the decision to cull the wild boar population in Ireland.

“The cull is wrong,” he told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland in February last year.

“If you’re looking at a cull like this, it should be done in a very limited way to get rid on those that are causing problems.”

He also criticised a decision to end the cull of the grey wolf population in the North, saying it had resulted in more deaths.

“This is a terrible decision,” he added.

Mr McGlinchey has previously made comments that he did not believe wild boars were a threat to humans and the IFAU has said he had made comments which the organisation would “vigorously dispute”.

Mr McLouglin has been criticised for his decision to take the position that wild boaris were not a threat, and for his previous statements in which he called wild boarrs “evil” and said he “wouldn’t put a dog through it”.

He said at the time: “The boar is a magnificent animal.

It is beautiful, healthy, it has good instincts and it’s got good sense of smell.”

He has also previously criticised the Government for not implementing a ban in Ireland on importing wild pigs into the country, saying there is “no scientific evidence that wild pigs are a threat”.

The Government has also been criticised in recent weeks for its decision to introduce the import ban into Ireland.

In February last last year, a report from the EU Commission called on Irish agriculture to implement a ban to protect its wild pig population.

It also called for the EU to adopt a ban against the import of wild boaroas into the EU, as a result of the introduction of a ban.

The EU has been considering implementing a similar ban in Northern

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