Medical News Now article Medical New Zealand has released a video that gives viewers an insight into how the heart of a robot could work.

It is a robot that is able to sense the heartbeat and respond accordingly.

“A heart has a lot of different functions, including respiration, breathing, blood flow, and blood pressure,” said Dr Peter Cottam, Director of Medical Education at the University of Otago.

“When a heart is beating, the blood vessels and heart valves are opened, so that oxygen can flow into the heart and the heart can pump blood into the rest of the body.”

The heart has two chambers that work together to provide blood to the rest in the body.

One chamber contains the blood, the other contains the heart muscle.

“So if you have a heart that is in the blood stream, then the blood goes through the blood vessel that is between the heart chambers and into the blood chamber and out the other chamber and it goes through your body,” Dr Cottams explained.

“This blood goes into your heart and goes into the muscle, so it’s then pumped out through the muscles and then back into the body, which is where the blood becomes oxygenated.”

Dr Cottames the heart has three parts, which include the valves, the arteries and the veins.

The valves are made up of two chambers, the ventricles and the pulmonary arteries.

“They have to close very quickly and they’re also very big, so they can actually be very big compared to other organs, and that makes them very important in controlling blood flow in the heart,” he said.

“These valves are the heart’s main way of controlling blood pressure and blood flow to the muscles in the legs.”

Dr Chris Jones, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Otago University of Technology, said the heart also contains two types of vessels.

“There’s the aorta, the part that pumps blood to your heart, and the ventricular chamber,” he explained.”[The] heart is a complicated organ and we know that it can’t function normally without the aetrophysiastic, or electrical, blood vessels, so these vessels also have to work very quickly.”

Dr Jones said the valve structure in the chest and heart of the robot is very similar to that of a human.

“It’s actually the same type of valve structure as the human heart, so we’re able to replicate the heart in terms of its shape, size and position,” he added.

“But there are a couple of important differences, so the heart is really a very complicated organ, it can also be very delicate, so its function can vary greatly depending on the situation.”

Dr Dave McKeown, Chief Medical Officer at the Royal New Zealand College of Physicians, said a heart was a complex organ that can be extremely complex.

“Heart failure is one of the leading causes of death in the country, and while there is a great deal of concern about what is happening in the developing world and in hospitals, the fact is heart failure is a very serious issue for many people,” he told Medical News New Zealand.

“The heart is the most complex organ in the human body, and if it can be used to improve outcomes for patients, that’s a huge success.”

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