The American Horror Story franchise has had its fair share of fans over the years.

While the original horror film franchise is known for its macabre elements and darkly funny moments, the franchise has also had a tendency to push the boundaries of its genre.

One of the best examples of that can be seen in the recent series American Horror Stories: Asylum.

The series follows a young girl named Emma who is forced to stay at a psychiatric ward when she is diagnosed with an extremely rare brain tumor.

However, the girl is unable to leave the ward due to a mysterious man in her care.

While it might sound like a pretty dark premise, it actually has a great deal of depth to it and a ton of fun to watch. 

The series takes place in the town of White Marsh, where the series takes a turn for the strange after the murder of a local woman and her boyfriend, and an unknown person steals the bodies of their family members and puts them up for sale.

It also features a host of other disturbing characters that have their own twists on what is going on with the asylum. 

Asylum has some of the creepiest, most horrific and bizarre scenes I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. 

It also has a very strong female character that can turn a normal person’s life around.

The most notable aspect of the series is that Emma is a teenager who has had her mother killed by a stranger, and that she has been unable to find a father.

That means she has no one to turn to. 

After spending some time with the series, I’ve come to believe that the asylum is one of the most unsettling places I’ve been in.

There is a distinct sense of isolation that comes with being confined in a hospital.

This isolation causes a lot of the mental problems that Emma experiences and that I think the series does a good job at portraying. 

In terms of horror, Asylum also has some great scenes.

There are some genuinely unsettling moments and even some creepy moments that leave you wanting more. 

I’m not going to say that Asylum is the best horror movie series, but it is definitely among the best of the genre.

It has some good scares, a really great cast and a lot to love.

If you’re a fan of horror and want to experience some of its most memorable moments, you’ll definitely want to check out the series.

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