The UK-based organisation Feeding Animals is running a vegan education webinars at the start of January to give people advice on adopting a vegan lifestyle, as well as to help them understand the health benefits of a vegan food.

The event, which will run on a week-long basis, will also be streamed live on FeedingAnimals’ website, with a special emphasis on the health implications of vegans eating meat and dairy products.

In an online Q&A on Wednesday, Feedinganimals CEO and founder, Helen Moore, said the webinar will offer a range of different approaches to understanding veganism.

In this video, she talks about why the decision to adopt an vegan diet is so important.

Ms Moore said the aim of the webinara was to get people thinking about why adopting a plant-based diet is important.

“We want to get some practical information into people’s heads, and it’s important that we’re talking about what they’re actually going to be eating,” she said.

“It’s important they’re eating it in the right way.”

FeedingAnimales founder Helen Moore.

Photo: Helen MooreMs Moore says people can make the best choice for themselves by considering the pros and cons of each diet.

“So that’s a lot of really practical information, that you can get in from people who know what they’ve got and they’re looking at a plant diet,” she explained.

“What’s going to work for them is they’re going to see how it helps them to be a healthier person.”

For example, vegans who eat meat may find their cholesterol levels lower, which is good for them.

Vegan dietitians will also speak about what vegan diets can do for you.

“There’s a whole range of things that a vegan can do to get healthy and have better health, including: avoiding the consumption of processed meat and animal products, reducing the amount of sugar in their diet, avoiding trans fats, and avoiding high fat and sugar diets,” Ms Moore said.

A vegan diet can be tailored to suit a person’s lifestyle, but there is a difference between a vegan and a vegetarian diet, she said, adding that vegans may be better off eating a combination of meat and vegetables.

“If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then it’s not that you’re going in for an absolute vegan diet, it’s just that you might be better able to take the extra nutrients you need to get through the day,” Ms Anderson said.

What are some of the health risks of eating meat?

Animal welfare organisations have been pushing for a greater understanding of how meat causes suffering and death.

The meat industry is lobbying to have animal welfare organisations banned from the meat market, and animal rights groups have criticised companies for not speaking up against animal abuse.

A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that the meat industry had contributed to an increase in the use of antibiotics in humans, and a reduction in the number of people who had died from cancer.

What is the history of veganism and vegetarianism?

Veganism was a way of living that was born in Europe during the middle ages, but evolved around the world over time.

Many of the people who embraced it in Western cultures today were not vegetarians.

Veganism is often associated with veganism in the US and UK.

Many people in the West, including those in America, have seen a change in the way they eat and how they live.

“People in Europe and the US were very conscious of how much meat they were eating,” Ms Naughton said.”[In the US] people ate about 10 times as much meat as in the UK.”

When we talk about eating meat, we’re also talking about animal welfare.

“This is a very big change.

People are going back to a very healthy eating pattern.”

What are the health concerns around veganism?

There are a range the health impacts of eating animal products.

In the US, there is growing evidence of links between eating animal product products and increased risk of certain cancers, heart disease and stroke.

But Dr Naughfield said vegans and vegetarians were not necessarily more likely to experience any of these negative health outcomes.

“Most of us are not going to have a vegan or vegetarian diet,” Dr Nighton said, “so it’s really not a question of health.”

What is a vegan?

Vegans have a more plant-focused diet and are likely to have fewer animal products in their diets.

A vegan diet may be more nutritious than a conventional, animal-based one.

The Vegan Society of Australia’s Vegan Health Guide describes a vegan as “a person who eats a vegan, plant-centric diet”.

Ms Moore also said the UK’s Vegan Society had recommended that veg eat their meals with their hands and not bowls.

“Vegan food is not a vegan-only food,” Ms Jones said.

Ms Naughson said veg ate mostly

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