Education Minister Simon Crean has said he is considering making all primary and secondary schools in England subject to an ‘honour’ certificate system.

Key points:Education Minister Simon Hoban says he is “considering” introducing an honour certificate system in schools to help raise standardsMr Crean said he would like to see schools pass on a “strong understanding” of the subject to pupils through a curriculumThe announcement comes as the Education Ministry is facing pressure from opposition parties and others to scrap the controversial education certificate system, which has seen teachers and pupils fail to pass a standard exam.

But Mr Crean refused to commit to a change, saying he wanted to “see what is in the minds of the school principals and teachers and how they respond”.

The education minister has been under pressure from Labour and other opponents to scrap all of the education certificate schemes.

In an interview with the BBC’s Today programme, Mr Creasan said: “I’m considering what I might do in the future, but at the moment I’m considering whether I can do something that is very honourable in the long term.”

I’m not going to do it because I don’t want to get in trouble with my own party.

“He added: “But I think if we do it we’re going to make sure it is done properly and with a lot of respect for the teachers.

“Mr Creasin said he wanted the schools to pass on “a strong understanding of the subjects” so they “could be properly supported by the curriculum and the curriculum needs to be written and approved and all of that.

“He said the system was “a very good idea” and he would “be very proud” if his department was able to bring it to the government’s attention.

But he added: “[We should] ensure that we are doing things that support the teaching and learning of children and it should be done in a way that is not only respectful, but that also is not a way of making money.”

The education department has said the change would not affect all schools, but it will affect a “small number” of schools.”

The Government has been committed to providing a rigorous and highly-accredited curriculum for all schools in the UK, and in the past has been open to considering changes to this approach,” a spokeswoman said.”

But there will be a small number of schools that will be exempt from the introduction of this new system.

“These schools will not be affected by the change.”

There are no plans to change the system itself.

“Labour said the announcement was “disgraceful”, saying the move would not help schools pass the standard exam, as it would only help the “professionals who have mastered the subject”.”

Instead, we need the Government to start looking at alternative models to help schools get the most out of their teaching.””

There is no evidence to support the Government’s claim that this system will help improve teaching, as there is no way schools can improve their teaching by learning about subjects they don’t understand.”

Instead, we need the Government to start looking at alternative models to help schools get the most out of their teaching.

“Labour’s shadow minister for learning, Simon Hughes, said: “”Theresa May is the worst chancellor in British history.

Her education cuts are being used to create an education system where the best teachers are not taught the subjects they need to improve teaching and to keep the teachers who do the best teaching.””

This new system will further marginalise teachers, the profession and the school community.”

Theresa Villiers, of the Royal College of Nursing, said the Government was trying to “cull the herd” by scrapping the system.

She said the education department had been “shambolic” in dealing with the issue and it was time to change.

Ms Villiers said it was wrong for the education minister to say the changes would affect all primary schools, which are not subject to the new certificate.

“We have been calling for years for the introduction and expansion of the [honour] certificate system and the Government needs to listen to us,” she said.

The new certificate system was introduced by the then-Labour government in 2010.

It was scrapped in 2015 after complaints that it did not help to raise standards.

Mr Hoban said the move was “good for children and good for the profession” and that it was not going “to be an easy process”.

“I would like the education sector to have the same respect for teachers and to do the same for students as we do for teachers,” he said.

Education Minister David Willetts said the Department of Education had “worked very hard” to create a strong teaching system and that the government was committed to doing so.

“We are committed to working with all of our stakeholders to develop an ambitious, successful and successful education system for our young people,” he added.

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