ETH is the second most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin and has surged nearly 20% this week to a new record high of $1,265.17.

This is the latest surge in the value, which has been on a tear for months.

The rising value comes despite a number of high-profile issues with Ethereum, including its recent hack that exposed the source code of the digital currency to hackers.

ETH, which is now trading at a premium over the $1 to $2 it traded at a few months ago, is also the third most valuable digital currency after bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap.

ETH’s value has continued to rise, with the digital asset’s price up more than 50% since the end of June.

ETH is still trading at about $3.2 billion, or about $1 billion more than bitcoin, which was worth $1.7 billion in January.

It’s important to note that these are estimates, and the real value of the cryptocurrency will likely be much higher.

But with the recent surge in ETH’s price, it’s clear that this is a rising tide that’s lifting all boats.

A big increase in value in the past couple of months has pushed ETH above $2 billion.

With the digital token soaring to a record high, some investors are worried about what the future holds for ETH.

One major concern is that the blockchain platform Ethereum will be overtaken by other blockchain platforms in the near future, and Ethereum itself will be replaced by a new and bigger one.

It remains unclear if Ethereum will survive the rise of its rival Ethereum Classic, a competitor to Ethereum, which recently experienced a huge price surge.

Some investors are also worried that the platform is becoming a liability, as its developers are trying to develop a new Ethereum competitor to the original Ethereum blockchain.

ETH has had a hard time keeping up with the growing popularity of Ethereum Classic because of the rising price of the token.

The platform has been struggling to maintain its value in recent weeks, and many believe that the Ethereum Classic fork is not an acceptable solution to the platform’s future.

ETH recently released a white paper that detailed its plans to develop its own blockchain.

This new blockchain could include features that will make it easier to store and manage the digital tokens.

However, some ETH users have expressed concern that this could cause the token to lose its value.

ETH users are not happy with the white paper because it did not explicitly state what it is going to do with its tokens.

One user, Andreas Schuster, told the Wall Street Journal that he is concerned that the token could be sold off in a split between two cryptocurrencies.

If ETH is split into two tokens, then the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens would not be valid anymore, according the article.

ETH currently trades at $1 on the Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex, and is trading at $2.60 on EtherDelta, according CoinMarket Cap.

ETH and ETH Classic are not the only digital assets to have seen significant value gains over the past few months.

Bitcoin has seen a surge of about 2,000% in the last month, according a CoinMarketcap analysis.

In contrast, Ethereum is trading around $300 per token, according Bitcoin price tracker CoinMarketBargain.

Bitcoin’s value surged about 7,500% this year alone, and a recent survey from data company shows that Ethereum’s value is now worth over $300 billion.

Ethereum’s price has also grown in recent months, and it was trading at just under $1 a coin in June.

While ETH’s recent surge has caused some to question its future, others believe that it will continue to rise in value and could be the next big thing.

If Ethereum does go the way of Ethereum, it could provide a platform for other digital tokens to take root, and possibly even disrupt existing ones.

A possible future for Ethereum is not necessarily far off, according CryptoWall, which tracks the market value of cryptocurrencies.

ETH may well continue to grow in value, and its value could go even higher in the future.

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