Animal cruelty is an ongoing issue in America.

In the United States, the federal government and state governments have a long history of punishing, convicting, and punishing animals for the suffering and harm they suffer and the pain they endure.

The 2016 Humane Education Awards, which are given each year to recognize outstanding contributions to humane education and advocacy, recognized a number of organizations for their contributions to the animal rights movement.

We are honored to present this year’s awards to the following organizations.

Our 2017 Animal Cruelting Awards will be presented on April 19 at The Fairmont Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The 2017 Animal Cattle Slaughter Awards are presented annually to organizations that have contributed to the protection of the animals they serve.

Each year, our annual awards recognize a number that has stood the test of time and are considered an exemplar of humane education.

For example, this year we honored the Animal Legal Defense Fund for their work to end cruelty to farm animals, as well as the United Food and Commercial Workers Union for their efforts to end the abusive treatment of farm workers.

In addition, this awards recognition honors the Humane Society of the United State, which has been at the forefront of the animal welfare movement for nearly three decades.

We also honor the Humane League of the American Medical Association for its leadership in the field of animal welfare.

In 2017, the Humane Education Foundation honored the Humane Science Center for its work to improve the welfare of animals in research and animal care.

The 2016 Animal Crueltying Awards honor organizations that were at the heart of the “torture culture” of America.

As our country continues to grapple with the growing problem of animal abuse, this award honors organizations that use cruelty as a tool to protect animals.

The Animal Crueltedness Awards recognize the contributions of organizations that work to ensure that animals in the care of humans are treated humanely and humanely treat those animals in our care humanely.

These awards recognize the work of humane educators and activists who have dedicated their lives to creating an environment in which animals feel safe, cared for, and protected from pain and abuse.

These organizations represent the humane values that the American public values, and that are at the center of animal care, research, education, and advocacy.

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