Two days after a baby’s death at a San Francisco-area home where he was placed with a surrogate mother, a woman who took the baby into her home to adopt said she was left devastated by the death and that the mother had no idea her baby was missing.

On Monday, the infant’s mother, Stephanie Linn, released a video in which she explained how she took the newborn, who was in her care, to the California-based Humane Education website on Friday.

Linn told The Globe that she had not spoken to the woman since the incident.

Linn said she took him into her apartment on Friday and she and her boyfriend went out to eat.

When she returned, the baby was gone.

“When I saw the baby in the crib, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” she said.

“I didn’t know where he went or what happened.”

The baby’s mother Stephanie Linslow.

(Stephanie Linslo)The baby, who is now 2½ months old, was not the baby’s father, she said, and Linn and her partner did not know until they called police.

When the woman saw her baby, she ran to his crib, but she did not have his phone number, so she called police instead.

“I was so angry that I couldn.

I couldn,” she told the station.

“It just broke my heart.”

Linslow said she found out the baby had died when police told her.

“They said, ‘You just need to call police,’ ” Linslaid.

“But I didn’t want to, so I called police.”

The man who had taken the baby, Stephanie B. Pappas, told The Sacramento Bee that he was not at the home when he took the infant.

He had been staying with his parents.

“There was nothing wrong with him.

He was just a lone wolf,” Pappastas said.”

It’s really sad,” he said.

Pappas told the paper that he did not realize he was the father until the police called to report the death.

Linslo told The Bee she had no comment and could not be reached for comment.

Pascack said the woman’s actions could have led to her son’s death.

“She had no right to put her child in a place where she was putting her child at risk of getting the wrong person, and she had a responsibility to the baby,” she explained.

“If I had known about it and I would have known, I would not have put my child in the situation that I did.”

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