The Humane Education Spca (HESC) has a long history of using animals in its educational activities, but it has always used them in the most humane way possible.

Today, it’s working on new ways to teach kids about how to care for animals.

It’s not the first company to look at ways to change the way that people care for the animals they buy.

But it is the first to do so in the U, and the first time it’s been done by a U.A.E.-based organization.

HESC was founded in 2007 by a team of U. of A.E. grad students.

Its mission is to educate about animal welfare issues through education and advocacy.

The school has been operating in the Los Angeles area since 2010.

It currently has more than 1,400 students and runs three programs in Los Angeles: one in L.A., one in San Francisco, and one in Santa Ana.

The U.s.

Department of Agriculture has awarded HESc a grant to fund two of its schools.

The grant is for the first three years, with $5.5 million to cover the first two years and $1.5 billion for the remaining years.

HSC’s mission is, according to the UCAAS website, “to educate about animals and the welfare of humans, including the health and welfare of the animals, as well as the impact of animal products on human health and the environment.”

But it’s not just about educating kids about animals.

HCS has also worked to change people’s attitudes toward animal products.

In its most recent report, released in March, HESS said that while the majority of consumers were in favor of more humane animal handling, they still believed that animals should be treated humanely.

“The perception that they should be humanely killed for food is still a widespread one, particularly among young people,” said Stephanie Bier, the ULA assistant director for communications.

“In fact, we have seen an increase in that in recent years.”

Bier explained that while this shift may have been driven by consumers wanting to eat more animal products, it was also driven by consumer backlash to animal testing.

That backlash was partly due to a recent Supreme Court decision that ruled that the FDA had the authority to regulate the use of animal testing in food.

“This is a huge problem,” Bier said.

“It’s a concern that we’ve seen over and over again.

People don’t want to think about the impact that these products have on animals.

And if they can’t have a conversation about animal testing with their friends and family, then they don’t know how to deal with that.”

Biers explained that HESCs goal is to change attitudes about animals so that people can better take into account how animals are raised and treated.

For example, it is working with a local nonprofit called Caring for Animals to introduce students to a new way to treat and handle animals.

They teach about how animals live in captivity, how they are raised, and how they can be humane.

In this video, the students show a captive lion being fed a carrot, which is treated humaneally.

This video was created by the Center for Humane Education, an organization that promotes humane education and adoption.

HERSC has also started to work with animal rights organizations to educate people about the animal welfare benefits of animal farming.

For the first six months of this school year, it teamed up with the Animal Welfare Institute, a nonprofit that advocates for the welfare and protection of animals in the agriculture industry.

They are educating students about how the farming practices of large-scale farms and pet stores contribute to the environment, health, and even increase the risk of disease.

This isn’t just a school project, Bier added.

The idea is to get kids thinking about animal issues, rather than just worrying about animal cruelty.

This project is a reflection of the changes that HERSCs team is working to achieve.

Bier pointed out that while they have focused on teaching about the welfare benefits for animals in a general way, they have also focused on addressing issues specific to large-animal farming operations.

For instance, they’ve been working on an effort to teach about the impacts of the confinement of animals, and on the health benefits of their confinement.

These are issues that are especially relevant to animal rights activists.

Biers also pointed out another big change that HESCO is trying to make in the classroom.

In 2018, they expanded their Animal Welfare Education (AW) program, which teaches kids about the benefits of using a range of methods to help animals.

These include teaching students about the health effects of eating animals, how animals react to pain, and what is known as “humane handling.”

For these students, the new AW program is designed to teach students about their animal rights and animal welfare beliefs.

Students who complete the program will be given certificates that will allow them to apply to work at a facility where they will be able to help more

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