From being a parent, to teaching and learning about animals, to caring for our planet, this is the first guidebook you will need.

If you want to be an effective educator, it’s time to get started.

If that means starting with animal education, this guidebook will help.

The Humane Education Handbook is an online resource from the Animal Education Foundation.

It’s been compiled by Animal Education Magazine editor Jennifer F. Johnson, author of The Humane Way of Teaching: Why it Matters, and the first edition of the guidebook was published in March 2018.

The book includes tips on how to teach humane education to students of all ages and from all backgrounds, as well as helpful tips on building relationships with children and family.

You’ll learn about the importance of animal welfare and how to work with them.

You can learn more about the book at

Animal Education’s website is home to more than 50 videos and a wide array of resources to help you learn about animal welfare issues and how you can impact your community.

“The Humane Education Guidebook is an excellent guidebook for students of Animal Education and anyone who cares about the welfare of animals,” says Jennie Johnson, founder and CEO of the Animal Educators Alliance, which has worked to change how people think about animal education.

“Our community of animal educators have worked together for years to bring this book to life, and we hope that the guide will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about animal educators, animal advocacy, and animal welfare.”

The Humane Educators Association (HEA) is an organization of educators and animal advocates working for animal welfare, animal education and the preservation of the planet.

It has helped thousands of educators create and publish more than 400 books, videos and videos on animal education topics, and has been involved in the formation of dozens of national and international educational organizations, including the Animal Justice League and the National Humane Education Association.

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