How do you pick the best humanities education in Singapore?

It’s a question that has become increasingly urgent as students continue to enter the workforce, according to a recent report from the Ministry of Education.

Students have been asked to take part in a survey that has been used to select schools for the humanities.

The survey was conducted by Singapore-based online recruitment platform Singlesmith, which is run by a former Google executive.

Singlesmith has a website where prospective students can select their university of choice.

Some of the top-rated schools in Singapore include National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore’s leading arts school, Singularity University.

More: Singlesmart has also released a survey which it says shows how students’ priorities are changing.

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Singlesmart says students are increasingly taking an interest in the humanities and have a greater desire to study abroad, rather than in a traditional classroom.

It has found that a majority of students are planning to study in the sciences, humanities, and arts, compared to just under half who are planning in the physical sciences.

This shift in priorities has led to the selection of schools with higher scores in the STEM subjects, according the company.

At Singlessmith, the most popular STEM subjects include science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as social science and international relations.

Most Singapore schools are also offering a degree from a non-Singapore institution.

There are currently nine Singapore-listed non-Sri Lankan institutions offering a humanities degree, according Singlesmarts data.

In fact, the list includes Singapore’s National University, Singularitarians, Singapore University of Management and Arts, National University Of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology and Singapore Management University.

Singlesmasters survey also revealed that the majority of schools are offering a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, with a majority choosing a Masters of Arts in a discipline such as economics or management.

However, it also revealed a number of schools were offering a BA and MPhil degree.

Aspiring students are also keen to apply for a master’s degree and have already been offered a number from several different universities, according a spokesperson from Singlesmouth.

According to Singlessmith, there are currently 11,600 students in the country who are taking a Bachelor’s degree in humanities, with the number rising to 11,700 in 2019.

Despite the increase in students, the number of Bachelors has been dropping, from more than 7,500 in 2016 to 5,700 now.

And although the number is down from its peak in 2018, the percentage of students pursuing the degree is still much higher than the average.

Of those who have graduated with a BA, the majority choose to study at a foreign institution, with almost half of those choosing to study overseas.

“While we have seen a decrease in students pursuing their bachelor’s degree, this has not been the case for MPhil students.

MPhil applicants continue to make up a significant proportion of those taking up a Bachelor degree,” Singlesmite said.

If you are interested in learning more about the humanities in Singapore, visit the Singaporean Ministry of Arts and Science’s website for more information.


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