If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably heard of the Humanism Education Summit.

In addition to hosting educational seminars, the summit will focus on how to improve humanism in schools and beyond.

In an effort to increase public awareness about humanism and promote humanist beliefs, the Humanist Education Summit will take place this September in Denver.

In this series of articles, we’re highlighting the topics, speakers, and other details that will be revealed at the summit.

We’ve collected highlights from several recent events, including a keynote address by John Derbyshire, and a panel discussion with speakers like Dr. Katherine Mangu-Ward and author and educator Susan Smith.

The Humanist Summit will feature: 1.

John Derbyhire: The Humanist Manifesto and How to Become a Humanist 3: John Derbings “Why Humans Are Not the Only Species That Can Be Good” 4: Dr. Michael Greger: “Humanity Is Not One Species” 5: Dr Robert Gagnon: “What Makes Us Different?”

6: Dr Katherine M. Mangu Ward: “Why Humanism Is Different” 7: John B. Derbyshot: The Meaning of the Meaning of Humanism 9: Susan Smith: “A Humanist’s Perspective on the Human”10: John W. Derby: Why Humans Are Different: A Humanist Perspective on Ethics 11: Dr William James: Why Humanism Matters 12: Dr Paul Bloom: The Purpose of Life: A Journey Through Meaning 13: Dr John A. Wilson: How to Learn Humanism: A Guide to a Humanistic Education 14: Susan S. Gagnons Humanist Perspectives on Ethics 15: Susan B. Glassner: Why You Are Different 16: John A Thomas: How To Become a Better Humanist 17: Dr Mark Noll: The Wisdom of the Stoics 18: Dr Jennifer C. Davis: The Evolution of Human Minds: How the Mind Works 19: Susan T. Young: Why We Have the Right to Live in a World Without Racism 20: Dr Charles Duhigg: Why Do We Live in Human Nature?

21: Dr Richard Dawkins: Why are we different?

22: Dr Christopher Hitchens: Why the Universe Is So Big?

23: Susan H. Gabel: Why God is Great and Why Is God Important?

24: Dr Gregory Bateson: The Power of Science to Shape Our World: The Science of Human Nature 25: Dr Scott Aaronson: What It Means to Be a Good Humanist 26: Dr David Gorski: The Importance of Teaching Science 27: Susan J. Pate: Why Science is Not a Religion: What the Science of Science Tells Us 28: John Gagnoni: Why It Matters to Be Good at Science: The Psychology of Science 29: Dr Matthew Rimmer: What Science Can Teach Us About Religion 30: Dr Daniel Fiske: How Science Can Transform Your Life: The Minds of Scientists 31: Dr Steven Pinker: Why Does Science Matter?

32: Dr James Randi: Why Is There a God?

33: Dr Michael Ruse: What Does It Mean to Be Human?

34: Susan Wojcicki: The Truth Behind the Madness: Why Some People Believe In God, Other People Do Not 34: How Does the Science Work?

35: How Humanist Thought Can Change Your Life 36: Why is there a God?: What the Scientific Evidence tells us about the Nature of God 37: Dr Peter Higgs: Why There Is a God: Why People Believe in God 38: John Bohannon: Why Our Ideas of God Are False: The Case Against the Scientific Argument Against God 39: Dr Jeffrey T. Williams: Why Religion Is Real and God is Real: Why some believe in God, Others Do Not 40: Dr Bruce Hoffman: Why Evolution Is True and God Does Not 40.

Dr William Haskins: Why Faith Matters: The Scientific Case Against Faith 41: Dr Bill W. Thompson: What Makes Us Good and Evil: Why Evil Is Good and Good is Evil 42: Dr R. C. Sproul: Why I Am Human, And Why We Must Live in the World: How Our Lives are Made of the Best Things in the Universe 43: Dr Jonathan Edwards: Why Are Humans Different?: How Humans Are Better Than Other Animals 44: Dr Brian Wansink: Why we need a Better Understanding of Science: How our brains work 45: Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson: Why Darwin Was Wrong: Why He Was Wrong in the First Place 46: Dr Thomas J. Dolan: Why Dawkins Was Wrong and Dawkins is Wrong: The Biology of the Case 47: Dr Mary Jo White: Why Dogs Need to Die: Why dogs need to die 48: Dr Russell Moore: Why Did Jesus Exist?: Why did Jesus exist?

49: Dr J. J. Abrams: Why

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