In the humanities, students and teachers are often seen as the people who “know” what they’re doing.

So what is a good teacher to do to foster a culture of critical thinking? 

“Teachers need to know the difference between what they are doing and what they should be doing,” says Professor Michaela Crouch, director of the Institute of English Education at the University of Reading.

“When students want to do a particular thing, they can find a teacher who will show them that and show them how to do it properly.”

“What’s the most important thing we can do with our students?

How can we teach them to think, not just memorise but think critically?” she says.

In the humanities department at Reading, the department’s academic advisor, Anne Smith, and her students are tasked with teaching students to think creatively about what they see and read.

Smith says that a number of issues arise when students do not have a teacher with whom they can collaborate and which they can learn from.

The students are taught by a teacher from their own cultural background, but this is not always the case.

For example, in the classroom of a new student, students have their own individual interests and often these are not reflected in the curriculum.

This creates a disconnect between what is being taught and what is actually happening in the room, Smith says.

Students need to be able to “talk to” teachers, and this is done through collaborative reading and learning.

A student who has never read before may be very reluctant to learn anything new, but once they learn something new they are much more likely to be interested in reading.

Teaching students to read is an important part of their development and learning, but it can also make students feel like they are a burden to teachers.

Students are often encouraged to “think outside the box” by being asked questions about their own personal knowledge and interests.

But it is also important to acknowledge the student’s own cultural influences.

According to Smith, students are often taught that they need to read a particular book for an understanding of what they have been taught.

However, students need to take on their own perspectives, she says, and ask questions to ensure that their teacher does not over-interpret or ignore them.

What is the most effective way to teach students to listen and learn?

“Teaching children to listen is one of the most challenging things that we can teach them, and it’s really difficult to teach that,” Smith says, adding that there are many “labor-saving” ways to do this.

One such approach is to have a “talk time”.

This is when students have an “interview” with their teacher, usually in a discussion format.

An example of this might be a class discussion on a particular topic.

While this might seem like a good way to engage students in a conversation, it can have unintended consequences, such as students being taught to avoid questions and instead engage with their teachers.

Smith says the most common “interactive” approach in teaching is to create a story that involves students engaging with the teacher, but is not really “learning”.

Instead, she suggests that students be given a task to complete and have the teacher tell them how it was done.

When students learn to talk and learn, it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach them that “thinking critically” is the key to learning.

Students will not necessarily be able or willing to do the job of teacher when they are not given the task.

They will also need to learn to ask questions, and they need help learning how to ask them.

Smith says that teachers should encourage their students to “question everything” as much as possible.

As teachers, we need to listen to students.

It is not about telling them how much they are learning or what they can and cannot do, but rather, encouraging them to ask and learn.

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