The 10 countries with the highest proportion of people living in extreme poverty

The United Nations estimates that the world’s population is growing at a rate of 7.5% a year, but its human development index is only around 4%.

That means less than 1% of the population lives in a country with a human development score of 100, the world average.

That means, according to the United Nations, the population is only growing by about 1% a day.

That’s not bad.

In fact, it’s far worse than the OECD average of 0.3%.

And even if the United States were to hit the OECD human development target of 4% growth a year (which it’s not), that would still only bring the number of people in extreme, or extreme poverty to 2.3 billion.

That puts the United Kingdom at the bottom of the pack.

That would put it well below Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

The United States is still well above average, and the other countries that are doing better than average are the United states and the U.K. In the world, that’s a pretty grim picture.

The situation is even worse in China, where the U,S.

and other major industrialized nations are struggling to keep up with their neighbors.

China has been a major driver of global population growth, which has driven up the world population by almost 3 billion.

It’s now the world leader in population growth and the only country that has seen its growth slowed in the last decade.

China is also the world leading source of the human growth rate, with more than 20% of global growth over the past decade going to China.

That translates to an additional 2.7 billion people living below the poverty line.

In other words, there are more people in China than in the entire world.

But while China’s growth is strong, it also has some big challenges ahead.

Here are 10 of the big ones: Population growth: There’s a lot of debate about whether or not the U (and China) will be able to keep pace with the world.

Some argue that the more people there are, the more they’ll use up resources.

Others say that the faster China’s population grows, the less resources are available for development and the more poverty is spread around the world and the poorer countries will be.

The world’s richest countries are all trying to do their part to slow population growth.

But the biggest problem for countries like China is that they’re still trying to figure out how to deal with their own population explosion.

China’s recent growth rate is more than twice that of the United Sates.

The Chinese government is trying to find ways to limit the increase in the population and help the country’s already poor to take advantage of the new opportunities.

China also has an aging population, which is putting strain on infrastructure and schools, and slowing growth.

There are a lot more issues than just population growth that are affecting the country.

For example, China has the world-leading number of children under 5 years old, but it’s only about a third the size of the U and other wealthy nations.

And there are some big questions about the future of China’s healthcare system.

China currently has more than a million doctors and other healthcare workers, which accounts for about a quarter of the countrys total population.

There’s also a big shortage of medical professionals and equipment, which means there are not enough doctors and hospitals.

There also is a huge backlog of medical procedures that are not being properly handled.

That is creating serious problems for health care delivery.

The U.S. also has a bigger population than China, but has a lot less of it.

The country has about 10% of all the people in the world today.

China only has about 4% of that population, and it’s growing faster than the United State.

There is also growing concern about the health care system in the U., especially in rural areas.

China doesn’t have much of a healthcare system at all, but the government has made some strides to address problems.

It is a big country, with a population of roughly 5.3 million.

It has an ageing population, with the population falling by about 3 million each year.

It also has one of the fastest population growth rates in the developed world, with China surpassing the U in both years of 2014 and 2015.

But China is still working to address some of the bigger problems, like the lack of basic healthcare and the growing number of rural areas that lack healthcare and sanitation facilities.

And in a world that is increasingly interconnected, China’s growing population is also creating issues in a globalized world.

China already has some problems.

For instance, China is home to a lot fewer doctors than the rest of the world combined.

China spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the OECD.

But even with a higher healthcare spending rate, China still lags behind the U when it comes to the number and quality of doctors it has.

China lacks the

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