By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Feb 24th 18:00:00More than half of British schools are failing to teach at least one or more of the six principles of humanism, according to a new report.

The report, by the charity Education for Humanity, says nearly half of schools are lacking “humanism in teaching” standards.

And more than a third of schools fail to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills to effectively deliver lessons.

Education for Humanity’s chief executive Pauline Luscombe told the BBC the problem is not limited to schools.

“The problem is with our educational system in general,” she said.

“It’s a problem that’s being really well reported in the media.

It’s not confined to schools.”

Education for Humanism, which has seen more than 20 million pounds (9 million euros) of funding from the Department for Education, says education for humanity is a “fundamental principle” of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Humanist Education Charter.

In a letter to parents, the charity’s chief policy officer, Anne-Marie Stewart, said the problem was widespread and was caused by a lack of understanding about the human rights of children.

“Children are increasingly vulnerable and need to be protected from the very worst possible circumstances, and in some cases the very best possible circumstances,” she wrote.

“We need to make sure that children and young people have the knowledge, skills and support to thrive in modern societies.”

That’s why we are campaigning for universal humanism in all schools.

“The charity has also highlighted the lack of teachers with “humanist values”, and how the education system is not working for students.”

Many of our schools lack the skills and experience to effectively teach humanism and modern values to pupils and teachers,” Ms Luscombes wrote.

In the letter, Ms Lusecky said the report “shows that a very small minority of schools have not only failed to provide a range of humanist standards, but also to offer teaching in the most effective way, which is why we have called for an urgent review of the existing system”.”

It is vital that schools are providing students with a range the opportunity to learn in a way that promotes social and human rights.

“Teachers have been warned to teach the principle of respect, fairness and equality in their teaching.

The BBC understands that teachers are being encouraged to focus on what they know about humanism rather than on what their pupils know.

Teachers will be able to choose whether or not to use the new teaching principles at the end of each term.

Education Minister Jo Johnson told the Radio Times: “The Government has worked closely with the Education Association and the Government School Inspectorate, as well as the Department of Education, to review our teaching practices and ensure that we provide teachers and students with the tools to deliver effective learning for all pupils.”

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