It’s the moment we all dread: The moment when we realize that our behavior is the norm and we’re all human beings.

But we’re not all alike.

Some of us are wired to act out in our own ways.

Others are wired for more social interactions.

And some of us can’t handle that.

When we’re trying to teach children to treat people with kindness, compassion and empathy, we’ve got to treat all of us equally.

So it’s important that we get the word out.

That’s why we’re launching a new hashtag on Facebook called #HarmfulEducation.

It’s a collection of quotes and examples of good behavior that we think are relevant to the challenges facing educators today.

Our goal is to help educators see that the human beings we are are all one.

#HemorrhagingEducationToday, the majority of students don’t learn how to read and write well.

But many of them also don’t get good grades.

And even when they do, they can’t stop doing bad things.

In many schools, teachers are the only ones with access to high-quality learning materials.

We’ve been working for years to help educate our students about the human condition, and we think that when we get out there and show them how important it is to treat others with kindness and empathy and respect, they’ll be able to do the same.

#DiverseHarmoniousEducationToday we’re proud to be one of the first organizations to recognize that it’s possible to learn how best to teach our children that empathy is a fundamental human value.

We want our children to know that if we treat each others’ pain with kindness we will grow as a people.

In fact, empathy can heal, heal us and heal the world.

And we hope this new hashtag will inspire educators around the country to embrace our diversity and work together toward a better future. 

#HumaneEducation Today, we know that all of our children will grow up to be better people.

So our goal is not to educate our children as one monolithic group.

Instead, our goal today is to educate them in a way that makes them feel like a whole person, not just a number, a piece of a larger puzzle.

It helps them realize that they can grow from the way they are to the way that they want to become.

We think this hashtag will help them make that shift.

And it will make us stronger.

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