Here’s a look at which shelters in Sydney are providing humane education.

The number of shelters in NSW has risen to 4,000 from 1,000 a decade ago.

It is not known how many people live at any of these shelters.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries and Industry (DPIIA) has not yet released a shelter count, but according to a 2011 report by the Centre for Research on the Welfare of Animals (CRWA), the number of shelter residents in NSW rose by more than 60 per cent between 1996 and 2011.

There are also concerns that a number of NSW shelters are being used as breeding grounds for domestic cats and dogs, which could lead to the spread of domestic animal diseases such as kennel cough.

The NSW Government says it is investigating whether any of the facilities listed above are in breach of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

The Department of Human Services (DHSS) is also investigating the potential for animal welfare breaches, and has asked all public facilities to report any concerns.

“In an emergency situation, our first priority is ensuring that people are safe and in safe hands,” a DHSS spokesperson said in a statement.

This is not the first time a shelter has faced criticism for its humane education programs.

In October this year, an Australian woman was shot dead by a neighbour in a suburban Melbourne neighbourhood, after she allegedly tried to sexually assault her.

But there are also signs that the Australian public is moving away from shelters.

In September, an organisation called Safe and Humane Australia released a report saying that shelters are not helping to reduce the spread the coronavirus, but rather are creating a breeding ground for new, unvaccinated individuals to acquire the virus.

It said that many of the more than 200,000 Australians who have registered for free or low cost vaccinations have not completed their vaccination, leading to a high risk of transmission.

Read more about coronaviral disease:

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