A new CBS News poll has found that the human is far and away the most important concept in education.

Just 36 percent of Americans say education is more or less important to them, while 62 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of Democrats agree.

But the survey also found that about three-quarters of Americans are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of humanity.

And nearly two-thirds say the human element in education is one of their top priorities.

Among those who believe education is most important, 64 percent of people who have a high school education or less, and 58 percent of those with a college degree, believe that the importance of education is greatest for those who have had a good education.

But even among those with higher education levels, nearly half (46 percent) of Americans believe education has an especially high importance for people with a high-school education or fewer, and 45 percent say it is the least important.

And more than four in 10 (42 percent) Americans with a postgraduate degree or more believe that education is of paramount importance.

That means that among Americans with at least a bachelor’s degree, education is a top priority.

In a follow-up poll released Tuesday, CBS News asked a different set of questions.

The CBS News Poll asked Americans how important each concept is to them.

For instance, in the first question, the CBS News survey asked, “If you were to assign someone to a job, what would you say they would most likely do?”

More than eight in 10 Americans (87 percent) said it is most crucial for someone with a higher education to have a great job.

Among those with no more than a high level of education, just 34 percent said it would be most important for someone without a high education to be able to do a good job at the job.

But those with some college or some college and a bachelor of arts degree were far more likely to say it would most important to a person without a college or a high degree to have the experience to do well in the job, according to the CBS poll.

In fact, among those who had completed high school or less and who did not have a college and/or a bachelor degree, 64% said having a great or good job would be of the most importance for someone who has not completed high-level schooling, while 55% said it was the least of the three.

But among those Americans with some postgraduate education, 62% said the experience they would have at a job was more important than having a good or good education for someone whose education level was low, while 51% said experience was of the least importance.

Overall, just 35 percent of adults say it will be more important for a person with a bachelor or a master’s degree to be a good employee, compared with 43 percent who say the same for someone lacking a high or some degree.

And among those adults who have completed some postsecondary education, more than half (53 percent) say having a job that can be successful at the highest level is of the utmost importance for a successful person.

Americans are divided on whether the concept “intelligent design” is a scientifically valid scientific theory.

Fully 60 percent of respondents say that is the case, while just 34% say it does not.

But while this is a big gap between the two groups, more people think that intelligent design is a scientific theory than believe it is a pseudoscience.

And, of course, those who are religiously unaffiliated are also split on whether intelligent design should be taught in schools.

Nearly four in ten Americans (38 percent) think that it should be, compared to about three in ten who say it should not.

Among these religiously unafflicted Americans, about two-fifths (45 percent) believe that it is scientifically valid.

The public is divided on the question of whether “natural selection” is the primary explanation for why we have different races and ethnicities.

In the CBS Poll, more Americans (57 percent) than those with more education say that it has a secondary, or less obvious, explanation, while only 29 percent say the answer is natural selection.

And in the CBS survey, roughly half (51 percent) disagree with the statement that natural selection is the main explanation.

Among the most religious Americans, the majority (52 percent) don’t think that natural, or more obvious, selection is responsible for our racial and ethnic diversity.

And when asked if evolution is a fact or not, a clear majority (55 percent) reject the idea that evolution is true.

And about three quarters of the religiously unafforded believe that evolution should not be taught as a science.

The Pew Research Center found last month that a majority of Americans (53%) believe that there is evidence that humans and other living things evolved over time.

And most (58%) of the unaffordeds agree that there are “many, many, many different ways of explaining how life evolved.”

And while there are also many, all kinds of scientific

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