The United States Department of Education recently released a report on the country’s religious education programs.

The report includes data on religious education for students from elementary through graduate school, and it’s an interesting snapshot of what religious education is doing in America.

The findings suggest that the field is flourishing, and some groups are doing well.

But the report does not reveal how many religious education courses students take at various levels.

This is important, because the schools that students attend are also those that have access to federal grant money.

So, if the Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Grant Program doesn’t have any funding to fund the education of Muslim students, we should also know which schools are using federal money to educate Muslim students.

And, in fact, we do.

We have an official list of Muslim-serving colleges, but that list does not include schools with a grant application from the Department or other funding sources.

And even if that list included all the schools listed, it wouldn’t be complete.

So here’s a look at the religious education that’s currently available.

Religious education for high school students The Department of Defense has a list of religious schools that teach one or more of the following courses: religious studies, Islamic theology, religious studies and religion and philosophy, and religious studies in the United States.

These schools are accredited by the Council on Islamic Higher Education.

These are the schools you might see at your local school or high school.

They have received funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and USDA-OIG (formerly the Department for Economic and Human Development), and they are also accredited by AAUP (American Association of School Administrators).

The Department for Science Education, Education, and Technology (DSEET) lists three religious education schools: the Institute of Christian Education (ICE) in Philadelphia; the Institute for Religious Studies in Baltimore; and the Islamic Studies Program at Eastern Kentucky University.

The ICE program in Philadelphia and Eastern Kentucky are the only two schools that are accredited in the U and the Department has not awarded a grant to the Institute.

And although the Department awarded the grant to Eastern Kentucky in 2016, that money has yet to be awarded.

The Islamic Studies program at Eastern is one of four accredited Islamic schools in the country.

There are two more schools that have received federal grants for the Islamic Religious Education Program.

In 2018, the UESO awarded a $4.5 million grant to three Christian religious education institutions to support their programs.

In 2019, the federal government awarded a similar grant to Islamic Studies Programs at New York University.

Finally, the Department in 2018 awarded $1.2 million to the Islamic American Institute, a Christian Islamic educational program that is accredited by American Council on Education.

This list does provide a good snapshot of the religious instruction offered by schools, but it’s not comprehensive.

There is not a list for religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania or Columbia University.

That’s a problem because the UEP has an online resource called the Muslim Education Center, which allows students to search and see which schools have received their funding.

There’s also no listing for the Institute on Islamic Education at George Washington University.

However, the Institute has received a $1 million grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services to develop a curriculum and program for Muslim students in grades K-8.

The UESOS is the federal agency that provides financial support for the religious educational program of Islamic Studies at Eastern and the Institute at Eastern.

And the Department does not provide funding to any other school for religious education.

The Department’s 2018 budget for religious instruction at schools, including for the ICE, the Islamic Center of Philadelphia, the National Association of Muslim Educators, and the National Council of Muslim Organizations, includes $4 million for religious programs.

We know that the Department’s Department of Religious Education grants are being used to fund programs at Muslim American colleges and universities, but we don’t know how many students have received a grant or what percentage of students receive one.

We don’t have data on the percentage of Muslims who are enrolled in religious education at colleges and high schools.

The National Council on American Islamic Relations (NCAIR) has compiled a list on the religious teaching of Muslim institutions, but its list is incomplete.

We can see that at the Islamic Society of North America, there are more than 700 institutions that receive funding from NCAIR, but only four institutions received funding for religious teaching from the NCARI.

There also isn’t a list at the Institute or elsewhere of schools that receive NCAI funding, or schools that received a single grant to support the Islamic Education Program at NewYork University.

We also don’t yet know how much funding goes to schools that train Islamic students.

But we do know that Muslim American schools receive funding for their religious education from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others.

So if Muslim

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