By Amy Tromer and Rebecca PurdyThe humanistic education management profession has long been the bread-and-butter of education, but as more and more schools around the country turn to digital learning, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the skills needed to help students navigate a world where data is everywhere.

To help educators understand how to navigate a rapidly evolving digital world, the Humanistic Education Manager Certification program (HEMS) aims to provide a framework to help educators learn the skills and tools to deliver humane education, from teaching about human rights to humanizing environmental information.

The certification program will help educators in the field of humane education identify key resources and strategies to help them create humane education programs.

It will also help them develop a curriculum to support the transition from digital to traditional teaching methods.

“As the number of students entering and leaving schools grows, there’s a demand for humane education and humanizing learning, so the humanistic management profession is really important to the educational process,” said Julie L. McAlpine, director of curriculum and standards at the National Association of School Administrators.

“The profession of humanistic Education Management is really key to the future of humane learning in the 21st century.”

The HEMS program, which is being developed by the Humanism Education Association (HEA), will provide an opportunity for educators to learn about the different roles and responsibilities of HEA members and members of their respective fields.

The program will focus on learning about HEA and HEA-certified organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as in the Americas, including the United Kingdom.

For example, educators who participate in the HEA Humanist Education Manager (HEAM) program will be able to apply to become an HEAM member in addition to their HEA credential.

The HEAM certification is available in the U.S. and Canada and will be awarded by the National Academy of Humanistic Educators (NAAHE) to a school’s graduates, including HEAM members who have already completed a HEAM program.

The HEAM Program will be taught by a panel of LEAP (Leadership in Learning), LEAP-certifying experts who will help teachers identify, prioritize, and implement their humane education initiatives.

For example, a HEA HEAM school can focus on teaching children about the rights and freedoms of the people, animals, and plants they encounter in their daily lives, the impact of technology on our daily lives and the impact that technology is having on the way we think and communicate.

In the future, HEAM graduates will also be able learn about other career paths, including those with a bachelor’s degree in education, careers, and education, or those with advanced degrees in education and careers.

The LEAP Certification program, on the other hand, will focus exclusively on humanistic learning, and will focus solely on the role of HEAM in humanizing education.

The LEAP program is a training and certification for school staff who work with students who are transitioning from humanistic educational methods to traditional learning methods.

The goal is to provide teachers with the tools they need to work with humanistic learners in the future.

To be eligible to apply for LEAP certification, an educator must complete an application to the HEAM Council and receive the LEAP credential by June 30, 2021.

An HEAM HEAM graduate may be eligible for LEAM certification by July 31, 2021, if they meet the qualifications and are not already LEAP certified.

The application process will be conducted by a LEAP LEAP Certified School Administrator, who will review the applicant’s work history, social media accounts, teaching experience, and academic and professional accomplishments.

An applicant must also submit a written application and a resume and curriculum vitae.

“I think we’re going to see an increase in the number and sophistication of HEAP programs and training, which will provide a foundation for future HEAM certifications,” said Laura M. Kowal, director and executive director of LEAPS, an organization dedicated to training teachers to become LEAPs.

For more information about HEAM, visit and follow the HEAMA on Twitter:

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