Posted November 24, 2017 13:00:52A lot of students from the University of Southern California’s (USC) humane education program go on to pursue careers in academia.

They have a knack for reading, writing, and performing well in math and science, and they’re not shy about sharing their knowledge with the world.

But as the program’s alumni continue to move into other fields, it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening with their careers.

We spoke with the USC grads who’re heading into their professional careers to find out what they’re learning from their students.

Alyssa Chastain, who started her career at USC’s undergraduate program in education, is a veterinary medicine and environmental sciences major.

She has written extensively on animal welfare and her work has appeared in The Humane Society Journal, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications.

She says that students are often the ones who help her and other vets make a difference in their communities.

She said that as a vet, she was often asked, “What do you do for a living?”

She says she wanted to know how to use her training to help the world, and how her experience with animals would be used to help make the world a better place.

I think the students in our program, the people who are actually in the field and actually doing the work, have this in common.

They’re able to see animals and how they’re living.

And then they’re able, when they’re working on the front lines and they see an animal, to say, “We can help this animal.

And it’s so important for us to help them.”

Andrea Mancuso, a veterinary assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science at USC, is also a vet.

She’s an animal-rights activist, and she works with students in her class to create programs and workshops to teach other vets how to live their lives more humanely.

Mancu is also part of the group that started a new animal welfare project called The Humane Education Camp.

The goal of the camp is to provide an alternative education for people interested in working with animals.

The Humane Education Project started with the idea that there was a lack of support for animal care and welfare, and it was not until I joined that I found out there was an organization out there that was able to provide support to those people.

So that was really what it was all about.

It’s been really fun to have these students come up to me and say, You know, I just want to get into animal care.

And I don’t think they’re the kind of people who want to work in the industry, so they come up and say that, and I say, Yeah, but I’m here to help.

So I think that’s really how we’ve been able to create this program that’s such a different experience for people who don’t normally have that option.

Chastain also says that she was able by working with students at USC to become a vegan.

She believes that being vegan makes it easier for students to relate to animals and to live a vegan lifestyle.

She said that the students really connect with animals and their needs and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure animals are treated fairly and humanely, and to be able to advocate for animals.

She added that she thinks the students who want careers in the fields of medicine, education, and the arts can benefit from the program.

I think a lot of people, especially those that are interested in the veterinary profession, might not have that opportunity.

We think that the animals deserve to have that level of support, and we’re really trying to support those students.

The humane education group has about 10 graduates.

They currently offer classes in education and social work to people of all ages and backgrounds.

They’ve been featured on CNN, CBS, NPR, ABC, and FOX, and there’s an internship program available.

Chastea and Mancumoso are currently looking to expand their program to include other veterinary and animal-related careers.

They hope to add a new course for those students who may be interested in studying veterinary medicine.

They also hope to bring the program to the University Health Network campus in New York City.

If you’re interested in being a vet and want to know more about what it’s like to work with animals, you can sign up for The Humane School’s newsletter or to join The Humane Educator’s Facebook group to stay updated on what’s going on at the school.

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