A high school diploma in the humanities is not the end of the road for a child who hopes to become a professor.

A lot of students are struggling with academic skills, according to a new report from the nonprofit Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The report found that roughly one in 10 students who graduated from high school with a high school degree, or about 3.7 million, have yet to graduate from college.

Many of those students have had to work on their college applications while struggling with their college plans, the report said.

The report highlights the struggles students are facing as they try to navigate the college entrance exam.

The test is administered by the SAT or ACT.

Some colleges have set their SAT test cutoff dates so that students who have completed high school cannot graduate until they’ve completed their high school coursework.

The SAT and ACT are not standardized tests, so some students who enter college without completing their high-school coursework will struggle to pass the test.

Another common challenge is that students don’t understand what they are taking, the ETS report said, adding that most students have no idea what they need to know to graduate.

Many students also have difficulty communicating their academic achievements and experience.

Many say they are still struggling to find a teaching position after graduating.

The ETS also found that some students are applying to graduate programs for the first time.

While some are getting into schools that offer more traditional teaching jobs, others are applying because they feel that they have the right skills to help students succeed.

The biggest challenge students face is not knowing what to study, said Robert W. McAfee, executive director of the Center for the Study of the Arts in Education at Indiana University, who authored the report.

Students may be unsure about the degree they want to pursue, he said.

In some cases, they may think they are good candidates, but they are not.

They may also have other options, like going to college for a master’s degree.

Students who want to graduate but are struggling may need to work their way through the college application process, McAfee said.

Some students may also need a more advanced degree to get into the best programs, he added.

The survey, which was based on interviews with more than 8,000 high school students in grades kindergarten through 12, found that more than 40 percent of high school seniors had never taken an advanced degree.

Many high schoolers who received an advanced diploma were also struggling with completing their college courses, according the report, which is part of the National Center for Education Statistics’ report on College and Beyond.

The study also found a high percentage of students who received a bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctoral degree were still in the process of applying to college.

In addition to the SAT, the SAT and the ACT, the College Board’s SAT Test Consortium offers standardized test prep for college-bound students and the College Prep Assessments is the standardized test used to evaluate students’ college readiness.

The Center for Arts Education in Education has worked for years to make high school a place where students can succeed, said Elizabeth M. McBride, director of education and research at the center.

“We know from experience that high school can be a great place to start a new career, to have fun, to learn, and to develop skills for the future,” she said.

But the report also found some problems with the SATs and ACTs.

While students who took the ACT were more likely to receive college credit, they also had lower grades, the higher number of times they failed an SAT test, and a higher percentage of those who took an advanced test had a high score on their SAT score.

Students with lower SAT scores were more often placed in the low-income, minority and first-generation bracket, the study found.

The ACT was used to determine college admission requirements in a few states, including Florida, Texas and Kentucky.

The College Board said it is exploring ways to improve the SAT scores of students with disabilities.

The U.S. Department of Education said it was working to address the problems identified in the report and that it was developing strategies to improve college access.

The Education Department also said it would continue to work with states to ensure that the SAT tests were accurate and that students could use them to apply for college.

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