When you learn Italian, it’s important to take into account its historical, cultural, and linguistic roots.

Learn the roots of the language, and it’s easy to understand the cultural and social differences between the countrys inhabitants.

But what does it mean to teach a native language in the United States?

How do you teach a language that is often spoken as a second language in places like Italy, and in the U.S.?

Italian humanist education is not only about learning how to understand how to use and interpret the language but also about learning about the roots and history of the culture and people of the country.

The goal of this course is to give you the foundation for a better understanding of Italian, and its culture and traditions.

Learn more About the Course: Learn the Basics of Italian and its History.

Learn how to: Understand the word ‘Italian’ Learn about the word Italian in a simple way.

Read some of the oldest surviving Italian novels, plays, and stories.

Discover how Italian is a common language of the region.

How does Italian differ from other languages?

How is the Italian language spoken?

Learn about how the Italian accent works.

Learn about Italian and Italian people.

Explore the meaning of the word “Italy”.

Learn about a few of the most common Italian words.

What are the differences between Italians and Americans?

What are some of Italy’s top cultural and linguistic landmarks?

Learn the history of Italian language and culture.

What is the most important thing you can teach Italian to children?

This course is the first step in the process of learning how Italian can help you to become a better and more effective Italian teacher.

This course can be completed in one day.

For more information about Italian humanists, visit the Italian Humanist Society website.

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