As a child, I loved sex education and the lessons it provided.

It was about sex, and I was taught it in the most basic terms.

My favorite teacher was a little girl named Rosie.

She was the sweetest girl, always had a smile on her face, and had a big laugh.

She had a really sweet voice and a way with words.

She loved to sing and dance.

Rosie taught me about what it meant to be human, about what was beautiful and what was not.

Rosies stories about sex were just amazing, and they were also the stories of people who had had a hard time being human.

They were the stories that I was supposed to learn from, and that I had to learn.

When I was eight years old, Rosie and I started to go to our local sex-ed classes and we really started to take a stand.

We really were trying to educate the young girls in our school.

We wanted to show them that if you had sex, you were a real person.

That you could have relationships and love and happiness and be happy, and be a human being.

As a kid, I didn’t understand what it was to be a real human being and to have the power of a child.

So we started the website, which is a way for parents to send their kids to sex-educational classes, and we started to get really popular.

Rosied was a big advocate for it, and she was the one who got us into the adult education industry.

She did the research, and when we got to adult education, we started having some success.

So then, we decided to move our organization into the schools.

Rosed was one of the first educators who taught us about sexuality, and the sex ed industry grew exponentially.

The number of sex ed classes increased by about 500% in the last 20 years, so we started thinking, well, maybe we should really start training teachers in the sex education industry, and Rosie started working with us.

So that’s when we started our sex-education classes.

As we got older, we got into sex education more and more, and our children became more sexually active.

So now we’re training hundreds of sex educators each year.

And the majority of them are female, and all of them work with their children to get them to orgasm, to have orgasms, to enjoy sex, to be sexually active and be in the moment.

We train all of our sex educators in the art of having sex, so they can have a safe, fun, safe, healthy sexual relationship, and if they can’t have orgams, they can be comfortable in the knowledge that they can learn from the sex of another human being, a human person.

When we started, we were teaching our students in school about what sex is, what sex means to a person.

It’s not a scary thing.

We are just teaching our children how to be healthy, to respect their bodies, and to understand the difference between sex and being sexual.

And that’s a really important message to teach our kids, because for some reason, there’s not so much education about sex that they get, and some of those kids are very, very young.

So, if we can help teach our children the truth about sex and the difference, maybe, we can have sex more often and more safely.

That’s our mission, to help our kids learn about sex.

It doesn’t have to be the same as the sex they had in their own childhood.

It can be different.

That can be a really powerful message.

Our goal is to provide sex education in schools that are culturally sensitive, culturally sensitive in the ways that our students are educated about sex today, and culturally sensitive to the way that our schools are educating our kids.

So I think we’re doing really well.

We’re doing extremely well with our education programs, but we’re working really hard at reaching more people.

We’ve had hundreds of classes over the years, and about 70% of our students have never had a teacher in the school.

And we have so many parents that come in and tell us they want to do it, too.

They want to teach their children about sex in a way that’s respectful, that’s fun and educational, and also that’s safe.

That is a really exciting time for us.

Our next goal is really to expand our program and really create a more inclusive environment for our students.

So our next goal will be to add more teachers and our sex education program will be even bigger, to give more children opportunities to learn about sexuality.

We have to give the kids access to more education and more options, and there’s nothing more important to us than the kids learning about sex from the very first day they walk into our doors.

I’m so grateful to all of the people who work at the organization.

You are a wonderful organization, and your dedication to educating our children is incredible

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