An increasing number of school districts are now offering students the opportunity to take part in an education programme that can teach them skills for the job market.

The National Centre for Humanism Modern Education (NCHME) is now offering the training of about 40 educators from around the country.

The NCHME is a private organisation based in Brisbane that provides a range of skills and knowledge to teachers across the country, with courses ranging from basic classroom skills to the use of technology.

In 2016, it opened a school for children aged four to 17 in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

“I think it is really important to have a network of trained educators who are available at the right time, and who are able to help our children,” Ms McAllister said.

The organisation runs a series of educational workshops and other programs around the world.

“The majority of the teachers we have come across have been trained as professional teachers or they’ve had some experience teaching kids and that’s why we are able in our program to work with them and make sure they are well trained in a way that is consistent with the curriculum and standards of the community,” Ms McGowan said.

“What we’re really trying to do with our program is to make sure we’re training them to be good educators and to be able to work in a very safe environment.”

The NCHEME has trained a number of educators in New South Wales and Queensland over the past few years, including a recent training of an administrator from the Australian Institute of Education in Canberra.

“Our program is focused on the skills that we can teach our children to do in a safe environment and to help them with their career development,” Ms McKinnon said.

Ms McGowan says the NCHEme is a great way for schools to build up their networks of teachers, with some schools having their own training centres, as well as providing an alternative to a traditional school.

“We’re really interested in working with schools and we’re also looking at the private sector, so we are looking at all of the opportunities that we have, we’re just trying to give schools a great option in terms of working with us and supporting our program,” Ms McMorrow said.


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