The Humanism movement in India is a new and radical movement.

It has been a long time in the making, and it is now gaining a foothold. 

But while there is no doubt that India is home to some of the most progressive people, there are many who believe that the movement is too extreme. 

Humanism education is an education initiative that aims to equip students with a positive outlook, and the key to success is having an open, inclusive, non-judgmental mindset. 

The initiative, known as HIEA, is a humanist education initiative, with its first wave of training sessions focusing on the importance of human rights. 

This training is a key part of the movement. 

“In order to develop our capacity to address and respond to human rights issues, the curriculum needs to be tailored to meet the specific needs of the students,” said HIEI president Anupam Gupta. 

HIEA is a joint initiative between the Institute of Humanism and Education (IHE), the University of Delhi (Ud) and the National Humanist Congress (NHCC). 

In the first round of training, students will be introduced to humanist values, like equality, tolerance, and equality of all individuals, and then they will receive a series of training questions.

“IHE is a non-profit educational institution that has been providing training for over 25 years and the NHCC is an association of humanist and non-religious students, who have been training together since 1994,” Gupta said. 

In its first year, the programme will provide students with an introduction to the Indian ethos and values, and a framework for learning how to understand the challenges facing humanity. 

Participants will also be taught about the history of humanism and its impact on the world, how it relates to our lives, and how we can be part of this movement.

“The training sessions are being organised by IHE and the University, with the Ud and NHCC partnering to ensure that we are inclusive to the student body,” said Anjali Sharma, a Humanism education coordinator at IHE.

“Each one of these training sessions is focused on the specific issues we are dealing with, from the issues of equality, to the issues around race and the issues facing humanity, to our ability to have a positive and inclusive outlook.” 

The first HIEa training sessions will be in February this year, and will focus on how to better understand the Indian humanist movement, as well as the impact that it is having in India. 

While the Indian curriculum is predominantly based on the classical curriculum, the students will also learn about different humanist movements, and that this includes the Hindutva movement.

“Hindushva is a movement based on nationalism and the belief that India must become an independent and Hindu country, a position that is at odds with the views of the majority in the country,” said Shashi Khatri, who leads the HIE programme at the Udaipur-based institute. 

For the students who are in the early stages of learning, there will also also be a Humanist Day, where they will be asked to share their experiences with others, in a bid to make the world a better place. 

 This is part of a larger campaign to bring together the various parts of the world to promote humanism. 

At a press conference last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India was on track to become the ‘most developed democracy in the world’. 

“I believe that our efforts in the Humanist Education programme will have a profound impact on our future,” he said.

“I am sure that the new India will be a country of humanists, where the Indian society is one of the greatest and most advanced in the region.

This will have positive and lasting effects on the development of our society.” 

However, there is some resistance among the people of India.

“The movement is a very radical movement, which is opposed by some people,” said Khatria. 

Some of the more extreme members of the community are questioning the effectiveness of the programme. 

Khatria said that this is not a bad thing.

“It is a good thing.

We need to educate our youth, not only in India, but in every part of our world.

It is an opportunity to raise awareness, to make our country a better one, and we need to be able to address our human rights problems. 

When a school is educating children to become humanists in India and the world we can’t ignore the rights of those who are not humanists,” he added. 

What does it mean to be human? 

 A humanist believes that people are made from the same source as animals and should be treated the same way. 

They also believe that humans have rights that are

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