Posted November 11, 2018 09:15:31 American universities spend about $15 billion a year on social and environmental causes.

That’s according to a report released by the American Association of University Professors.

A little over one in three of those universities said they were involved in the social justice movement.

That includes a quarter of all institutions, and the largest percentage of universities in the country.

And while they have a lot to show in the short-term, their numbers don’t seem to be growing fast.

The study by the AAGP found that only 18 percent of American universities are on track to reach their 2020 goals for social justice.

That number is down from 26 percent in 2015.

The next most likely goals are 24 percent, 26 percent and 30 percent.

In the past year, the AASP has issued a report on how to improve the situation for American students.

It found that universities have a significant impact on the country’s economy.

And, with a student body that is about 35 percent white, the students who are graduating will be disproportionately affected by issues related to race and class.

“The AAGA is deeply committed to building bridges among students of color, underrepresented students, and all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, or sexual orientation,” AAGPA President Jameel Jaffer said in a statement.

“We hope this report will help advance the efforts we are making to make education more inclusive, equitable, and accessible.”

The AAGPs report also found that about half of the top universities were white.

The majority of the schools have about 2.5 million students.

The report found that students in historically Black colleges and universities are especially hard hit.

“While many historically Black institutions have strong, well-funded programs in STEM, many of the institutions are also underrepresented,” the report found.

“In many cases, they lack the resources to offer equitable, high-quality STEM education, particularly in higher education.”

The AAFS report said that one of the biggest challenges for students of Color is that schools are largely segregated by race and gender.

“This means that students of different races and genders may not be able to complete their degrees and find jobs, or to access the resources that are available in more affluent institutions,” the AAF report said.

The AASPs report found a correlation between universities’ commitment to social justice and the number of students they have.

“The institutions that have been the most effective at engaging and mobilizing students of marginalized groups have had the most robust social justice plans,” the authors wrote.

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