Humanism is becoming more common in the US, but it has its limitations, experts say.

Key points: US lawmakers are debating whether humanism is still needed after a decade of declining numbersThe Pew Research Center says a majority of Americans believe humanism should be considered “a neutral term”The study found that while most Americans are concerned about the influence of global warming on the environment, there is broad support for humanism among Democrats and Republicans alikeThe findings come as the US Congress is considering whether to include humanism as a “neutral term” in its 2020 budget.

It is the third time in recent decades that Congress has considered the topic of “humanism” as part of its budget.

In 2013, a bill called the Humanism in the 21st Century Act proposed making the term a part of the national budget.

But critics have argued that the proposal was not the right approach because it does not include a full definition of the term.

This time around, the focus is on “humanist education”, which is part of a broader package of education efforts designed to promote humanism and promote inclusion of the group in schools.

The study by the Pew Research Centre also found that about half of Americans (52%) believe humanist education should be included in the 2020 budget package, while nearly half (46%) do not.

A plurality of Republicans (46%), Democrats (45%) and independents (42%) agree.

“The idea of humanism becoming a ‘neutral’ term for the 2020 federal budget is both misguided and misguided at the same time,” said Sarah Collins, research director at the Pew Center.

“The Trump administration is already promoting the concept of humanist diversity, and Congress needs to ensure that it continues to focus on humanist values in its efforts to make our country stronger.”

Ms Collins said that while the term “humanists” was gaining traction in the U.S., other countries were also moving in this direction.

“We know from international comparisons that countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China and Singapore have all made the move to include more humanist concepts in their national education policies,” she said.

“And that may be one reason why the Trump administration may not have had the opportunity to include this in its budget, and could end up spending more money on humanism than humanists.”

The report’s authors said the United States had seen an increase in the number of Americans who identify themselves as humanists since the mid-1990s.

Its report also found a growing trend among millennials, a generation that is increasingly accepting of diversity and embracing diversity.

It found that the number one reason millennials said they were “very proud of their humanist identity” was because they felt like they had been able to make a difference for themselves and others.

“It’s really a matter of being able to be yourself, having that sense of purpose and belonging to your community, being willing to sacrifice for others,” Ms Collins said.

The Pew report is available here.

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