The top states to teach humane education are also the states that are the most likely to be ranked as “humane education states” by The Times, a data-driven news aggregator based in San Francisco.

While the state of Kerala, India, ranked as the state with the most humane education efforts, which was the most important factor in its ranking, the state was not the only state to be featured on the list.

The state of Rajasthan, India had two schools in the top 10 and ranked as one of the top 50.

Other states that were in the list include the state-run Indian National Mission in Singapore, where two schools were ranked in the Top 10 and two ranked in Top 50.

States with a higher percentage of students who are female and lower proportion of students in rural areas were not included in the rankings.

However, the list of the best states to educate humane education focuses on state-level statistics, which include statistics on students in the education system, students who attend schools and students enrolled in schools.

According to the Times, each state is listed based on the number of students enrolled at the primary and secondary level.

While states with higher percentages of students participating in schools have higher numbers of students with a secondary education, students enrolled both in schools and in secondary education have a higher number of primary and/or secondary students.

In the case of Kerala and Rajasthani, both states had the highest percentage of primary students who were enrolled in primary education, while students enrolled mostly in secondary schools were included in both states.

The Times of Ireland, which ranks the best of the 50 states based on data collected by The Economist Intelligence Unit, did not feature any states in the 50-state list.

It ranked the best 50 states, ranked based on five categories: quality of education, quality of healthcare, quality to life and quality of life indicators.

The best states for healthcareThe best 50 health states were ranked based not on quality of health, but by the percentage of patients who have access to healthcare services.

While Kerala had the most patients with access to health care in the country, Rajastha had the lowest number of patients, according to the data collected in India by the National Commission for Health Care Quality and Efficiency.

In terms of quality to health, Kerala ranked first in India for the percentage increase in people with access of health care.

The percentage of people who have health insurance rose by an average of 19% in India over the past three years, according the data.

The data also showed that Rajashees health care system is among the most effective in India, with a quality score of 90.6 out of 100.

It was followed by Kerala, which had a score of 84.5, and Rajatas, which has a score in the middle range, with 82.9.

Rajasthan ranked third in India with a score based on a comparison of the total number of medical facilities per person, which is the most comprehensive measure of health.

The health care is administered by the state’s central government, and the health infrastructure is largely run by private health care companies.

The country’s health care was ranked in terms of its efficiency.

In terms of efficiency, Rajasekharan was ranked second in India.

The state’s health system is also among the best in the world, with over 4 million hospitals and clinics, and over 30 million patients in hospital and medical centres.RSS data from 2016 showed that in 2016, there were nearly 6.7 million medical personnel working in the state, compared to a population of 3.5 million.

In a statement, The Times said the ranking was a reflection of the health of India, the country’s largest economy.

“The rankings have been compiled to provide a snapshot of India’s health in the context of the country as a whole, as well as the health performance of each state,” the statement read.

“The rankings highlight the role of the government and state in setting standards for the health system, the delivery of healthcare services, and provide a framework for the implementation of policy.”

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