The Humanizing the Educator project seeks to create a humanizing education curriculum that will educate young Israelis to think about the ethics of human rights and the ethics that they should pursue.

It also hopes to create curricula that will equip young Israelis with a deeper understanding of human dignity.

In addition to the humanizing curricula, the Humanizing Education project also is working with the Institute of the Education of Israel to create an online tool that will enable young Israelis who are interested in studying human rights ethics to explore and share their opinions on human rights issues, according to the institute. 

The Humanizing education project aims to develop a new and comprehensive curriculum that addresses the human rights issue in the context of the contemporary Israeli society. 

As a result, this new curriculum will also be more accessible to young Israelis, and it will provide them with a platform to engage with the human right issues that they care about. 

Humanizing the Education has already received funding from the Institute for Jewish Studies in the United States, the Israel Policy Institute, the Israeli Society for Human Rights Education, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the Institute and Israel Education Research Institute, and the Jerusalem Fund.

The humanizing curriculum is a result of a collaborative effort between the humanist, humanist education, and human rights education groups. 

Among the projects funded by the Humanization Education project are the Humanistic Ethics and Human Rights in Israel and the Human Rights Ethos Project, which aims to improve the understanding of the human life and human dignity in Israel.

The Humanising Education project is an ongoing project that seeks to build an understanding of how to make human rights a cornerstone of Jewish life and to improve Israel’s human rights situation. 

To learn more about the project, visit  the humanism educational philosophy blog  and  thehumanizing educational philosophy website. Posted by  the Jerusalem Post at 6:16 PM

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