Written by Michael E. Crampton and Kate Wilson for TechRadars blogThe new Humanists and Education Shelters (HES) is a new initiative of Nottingham University that is designed to help improve the educational experience for students at the university.

Its purpose is to ensure that students have a safe, safe environment to learn.HES has three main aims:1.

To provide students with a safe learning environment that includes a safe and secure place to study.2.

To support students to achieve and achieve with dignity and self-esteem, and3.

To improve the wellbeing of students in the university and across society.

HES is a partnership between the University’s Office of the Chief Executive Officer and the Nottingham Humanists Society, which provides support for the university’s campus.

The University has committed to supporting HES for three years.

A key element of the HES is the inclusion of a safe space for students to learn in the building.

This safe space can be any space that can be shared with students, including a common area or library.

This ensures that students can learn in a safe environment, which can be a great learning environment.

At the start of the year, the University announced it would make £300,000 available to support the creation of this new safe space.

We will be launching a £500,000 funding round over the coming months, which will allow the university to expand the scope of the space and increase the capacity of staff, and to create an additional safe space in the future.3.

Helping to improve the academic wellbeing of the university through support for students in both the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.


Supporting the wellbeing and wellbeing of those working in the humanities and learning professions, including teachers, counsellors, research assistants and more.

Students at the universities of Nottingham and Bristol, the Universities of Cambridge and York and the University at London will benefit from these funding packages.

As part of the partnership, the Hues have committed to improving the quality of teaching, which is a priority for them.

The University has also set up an independent advisory board, including three former Nottingham Humanist Society directors, which includes the Chief Education Officer, Professor Peter Johnson, and Professor Paul Jones.

Professor Jones is a member of the Nottingham University Humanist Advisory Board and was a chair of the Humanist and Humanist Education Trust.

The Humanists at Nottingham will also benefit from support from the University, who have committed £500 per student, to ensure they receive the support they need to support them in their learning.

These funds are part of an overall £1.1bn pledge by the university, and will support the expansion of the Centre for Humanist Studies and the Centre of Research and Learning.

The University of Bristol will also be investing in HES.

They will be making £1m available over the next two years to fund the creation and expansion of a new centre in Bristol, with funding of up to £1,000 per student.

The Hues will also work with students and staff to support new research initiatives and to help to build relationships with the wider research community.

The new funding will provide a safe home for students, staff and students who are seeking to become involved in the Humanists or HES, and they will be able to work with the university on issues of importance to them, including the welfare of students and students with disabilities.

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