By Kate KuehnleinMay 12, 2018 09:56:01Animal cruelty is often viewed as a relatively small problem.

But the reality is that it’s an issue that has significant economic and social consequences, particularly when it comes to the health of animals.

To get a sense of the economic impact of animal cruelty, the Humane Society of the United States and the National Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals surveyed 2,000 people about their views on animal abuse and found that a large majority of Americans believe the problem is far greater than most think.

A third said they would be more likely to support a program aimed at preventing animal abuse.

Many believe that humane education programs are the only way to change people’s minds about animal abuse, but a new survey of Americans conducted by the Humane League and the Animal Legal Defense Fund found that many of them are not aware that these programs exist and may be confused about the types of training they need.

The survey asked 1,100 Americans, both men and women, what kind of training would be most beneficial to their animal companion, as well as what kind would be best for the animal.

In all, 43% said that the training they needed would be the same as what a puppy would need to learn to be a dog.

The results, released today by the two organizations, reveal that the majority of respondents said they didn’t know whether they needed a dog training course to become an animal advocate.

The majority of people who did know that such a program existed said that they did not need it.

Even more troubling, a large share of respondents, 66%, said they had heard or read about “caging” a dog, a type of training that involves keeping a dog in a cage for a period of time.

In fact, more than two-thirds of respondents thought it was a good idea to keep dogs in cages for a short period of times, including a majority of men and a majority, 60%, of women.

But the survey also revealed that nearly half of respondents who had heard about cage training said they believed it to be the best way to train a dog to be an animal lover.

The results of the survey show that many people are not taking the information in the Humane Guidebook seriously, even though the book provides useful information about animal training.

When asked whether they would use a program that taught them to be good at their job, 42% said they should, and 34% said “yes.”

A third of respondents did not know if they should use a training program that teaches them to become a dog lover.

The Humane League said it hopes that the survey will help people better understand the value of training for the pet industry.

“In this age of misinformation, the question of ‘is it really worth it?’ is important to consider,” said Vicki Saporta, executive director of the Humane Club.

“Many people think the best option is to simply go to a puppy mill or factory farm, where their animal has been slaughtered and then sold to other animal owners.

But that’s not always the case.

The Humane Guidebooks approach offers a way to help people learn about and adopt the principles of compassionate care while also improving the animal’s welfare.”

According to the survey, people who said they were most likely to use a “training program” to become advocates were those who had the highest number of years of experience in the pet trade, those who were employed in the industry, and those who lived in states with a large pet supply chain.

More than half of people surveyed who said that training for pet advocacy was a worthwhile goal were also those who said their profession requires a high level of responsibility, such as animal welfare inspectors or animal caretakers.

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