The University of New South Wales has decided not to ban people from posting selfies or pictures of them at the finish of a semester to raise awareness of the issue of campus bullying.

In an official statement posted on the university’s website, it said students, staff and faculty members who had posted such photos on social media or shared them online had been banned from doing so.

“The university believes that the practice of the practice does not meet the university standards of appropriate behaviour and does not reflect the values and values of our community,” the statement said.

“It is in the interests of the university to not be seen to condone the use of this form of behaviour by its members.”

The statement also said the university had asked for the right to publish photos on its Facebook page in an attempt to ensure people were aware of its policy.

“We ask that you refrain from taking photographs of your fellow students, faculty members and staff,” the university said.

It also urged students and faculty to share their concerns on its own Facebook page.

The University of NSW has announced that it will be banning the practice on campus due to concerns that the behaviour is unacceptable.

The university said it would be publishing photos of the behaviour on its Twitter account and Facebook page as well as creating a special page to be used for those who felt the practice was unacceptable.

University of Sydney dean of students, Mark Larkin, said the decision to ban the practice from the university was not based on a personal opinion but on what he believed to be the university standard.

“I don’t think the university wants to be seen as a bully,” he said.”[The university] believes in the values of equality and freedom of speech.

It doesn’t want to be perceived as a bullying ground, which is what happens when you’re trying to recruit students for your institution.”

He said the policy was not about banning people from making the post, but about banning it from the social media platforms.

“This is about making sure people know that we do not condone this kind of behaviour and that we will stand up for the values that we hold dear as an institution,” Mr Larkin said.

University’s statement said it did not believe students should post pictures of their friends to their social media accounts to raise money for charity or promote the university.

Mr Larkin added that students would have to be informed about the policy before they could post the photos to their accounts.

“For those who have a good sense of humour, they could just go and post it on their Facebook page or Twitter page,” he added.

“Those people would have an opportunity to express their views on this, and we’re not asking them to do that.”

There are certain aspects of campus that are not conducive to that kind of social interaction.

“University of NSW student, Alex Naylor, said he was happy with the move.”

Hopefully this means that it’s not happening anymore, because people have to know it’s happening,” he told 7.30.”

But I think it also means that [the University of] Sydney is making a statement that there are people who will actually stand up to it and that it won’t be tolerated anymore.

“The University said the change in policy was a “significant step forward”.”

We are committed to making the University’s social media platform accessible and engaging students with important and relevant information,” it said.

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